POSE عملية

تخصص في طب الجهاز الهضمي

What is the POSE®  procedure?

The POSE® procedure is a non-surgical technique for stomach reduction. The operation is performed by using an endoscope, so it does not require incisions and does not leave scars. It is a form of minimally invasive surgery, designed for patients who are obese needing to lose weight for health reasons.

Why is it done?

The POSE® procedure is a treatment for obesity. Folds are made in the stomach, which reduces the overall capacity of the stomach and allows the patient to feel satiated with less food intake.

What does it consist of?

This operation is performed endoscopically. An endoscope is passed down through the oesophagus into the stomach. Folds are made in the stomach but no incisions are made, narrowing the stomach. Through this reduction in size, patients can feel fuller from smaller amounts of food. The folds made also slow movement of food leaving the stomach, meaning you feel fuller for longer. The operation usually lasts about 45 minutes.

Preparation for the POSE® procedure

This operation requires the same prior care as other obesity surgeries, such as the gastric balloon. Various tests will be performed as preoperative studies to verify that the patient is fit enough to be operated on. Three days prior to the operation, those undergoing surgery should be put on a liquid diet, and fast for about twelve hours before the day of the operation itself.

Care after POSE® procedure intervention

Postoperative recovery is, in comparison to other types of surgery, rather fast, as the procedure itself is performed by using an endoscope, meaning no deep incisions are made. Normally the patient will remain hospitalised for one night under observation and will be discharged the next day. The procedure is designed to help patients achieve weight loss goals, and should not be viewed as a solution, but rather as a way to help the weight loss journey begin. The best results will be seen from a combination of surgery and lifestyle (e.g diet and exercise) changes.