تخصص في طب الأنف والأذن والحنجرة

The nose is the part of our face which sticks out above the mouth, and through which we breathe and smell. The nose houses the nostrils, which help us to take in and expel air as part of the respiratory system (along with the mouth). Our nose plays an important role in our overall health, as it filters the air that we breathe and removes dust and irritants. It contains nerve cells which help our sense of smell, and also helps warm the air coming in through it in order to keep the lungs and throat from drying out. Therefore, if there is a problem with our nose, our health can be affected.

Problems affecting the nose

There are many conditions and medical problems which can affect the nose, including:

Who treats problems with the nose?

Ear, nose and throat problems, if passed to a specialist, are typically treated by an otolaryngologist, more commonly known in the UK as an ENT doctor (ear, nose and throat). However, it depends on the pathology affecting the patient, as allergic problems may also be treated by a specialist allergist.

Cosmetic procedures affecting the nose such as rhinoplasty may be performed by a plastic surgeon, though it is advisable to visit a specialist facial plastic surgeon (often an ENT doctor, but sometimes an oral and maxillofacial specialist) as they have a thorough knowledge of the nose, its anatomy, and the conditions affecting it.

ENT surgeons can also correct problems with the nose which are non-cosmetic and related to breathing/respiratory difficulties, such as a deviated septum.